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With the wisdom of environmental sensor networks, networking, ubiquitous network and cloud computing technology on the sources of pollution, environmental quality, ecological environment, radiation environment, perception, disposal and management, construction of intelligent perception, intelligent processing ability and comprehensive management ability in one of the new generation of intelligent network system of environmental protection, promote pollution emission reduction, strengthen environmental protection, to realize the harmonious development of people and environment, economy and society.
The main contents include the following aspects:
Pollution source monitoring:
Monitoring of sewage pollution sources: online monitoring of sewage discharge situation of key polluting enterprises;
Monitoring of waste gas pollution sources: focus on the emission of enterprises, the situation of the emission of gas online monitoring;
Two, environmental monitoring:
Air quality monitoring: the establishment of monitoring points, the process of on-line monitoring of hazardous substances in the air, and regular release;
Noise monitoring: monitoring the noise situation in key areas and publishing them to the public platform and display device;
Three, other:
Environmental protection information system: the government system in the field of environmental protection, administrative office, administrative examination and approval, administrative law enforcement, supervision and management of information management.