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  • Food wastewater treatment technology

Food wastewater treatment technology

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Characteristics of food wastewater:
   The food industry has a wide range of raw materials and various kinds of products. The main pollutants in wastewater:
1 floating solids in the wastewater, such as leaves, fruits, meat, poultry feathers;
2 suspended in the waste water of the material is fat, protein, starch, colloidal substances, etc.;
3 acid, alkali, salt, sugar dissolved in waste water;
4 raw material entrained sand and other organic matter;
5 pathogenic bacteria, etc.. Food industry wastewater is characterized by high content of organic matter and suspended solids, easy to corrupt, generally no significant toxicity. The main cause of water pollution is the eutrophication of water bodies, which can cause the death of aquatic animals and fish, and promote the formation of the organic matter in the sediment.

Treatment technology:
   Our company according to the different characteristics of wastewater, pretreatment (MF) + one stage physicochemical treatment (air or precipitation) + two (A/O, UASB, the myth of processing biological aerated filter) process to solve the environmental problems of the owners.

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