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  • Medical wastewater

Medical wastewater

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Sewage characteristics:
   Medical sewage is mainly from the hospital clinic, laboratory, wards, laundry room, X camera room and operation room, such as the discharge of sewage, the sewage source and composition is very complex. Sewage contains a variety of chemicals such as disinfectants, pesticides, reagents, and other radioactive substances, containing a large number of pathogens - bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs.
Treatment method:
   Slag and disinfection of sewage discharge postprocessing is the original grid. In addition, using chlorine dioxide disinfectant, chlorine and bacteriological indicators can reach the standard, but organic matter has not been removed. In order to achieve a comprehensive standard, the aeration biological filter sewage treatment process is added to treat sewage. If the hospital sewage treatment plant covers a limited amount of water and contains a certain amount of disinfectant, but also can take the load, the area is small, the concentration of water into the scope of adaptability of the shallow biological aerated filter process.

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