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What should I pay attention to after purchasing organic waste gas treatment equipment?

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Regardless of any equipment, there are times when it is out of order, and it cannot be permanent. The same is true for industrial machine exhaust gas treatment equipment. However, if the correct use and maintenance can prolong the service life of industrial machinery exhaust gas treatment equipment, then how should we usually maintain it?
       Today we will talk about RCO catalytic combustion equipment in industrial organic waste gas treatment equipment.
       1. Inspection during installation preparation
       When inspecting and accepting the goods, you should strictly check and try again. Then find a professional person to install it, which is usually provided by environmental protection companies. During the installation, the surface of the equipment body cannot be used for welding and gas cutting.
       2. Inspection during the test preparation stage
       After installation, clean the equipment first, and then check and maintain one by one according to the inspection items.
       3. Inspection during commissioning
       After the above preparations are completed, test run the equipment and check that the equipment is not abnormal.
       4. Daily operation check
       After entering normal work, everything is not worry-free. The operator should regularly inspect the equipment. If minor faults occur, they should be recorded in time and then resolved.
       5. Periodic inspection
       After one year of normal production, the organic waste gas treatment equipment must undergo a major inspection. If any abnormality is found during the inspection, it must be promptly treated and resolved.