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"From Beijing to avoid haze

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In a haze, ushered in the new year. Standing on the the Summer Palace spring pavilion to the northwest looked, a landmark tower has been partly hidden and partly visible. According to Beijing Park Management Center was informed that the first day of the new year, Beijing received 628 thousand and 800 tourists trips, down by 10.71%. Due to serious air pollution, new year's day small holiday main push indoor activities. "New year haze" makes many people choose to leave Beijing to avoid haze, a short tour around so favored.
Rational for the "new year haze" become the driving public short distance trips, called "from Beijing to avoid haze, how many have gimmick ingredients, holiday travel gathers together is already a strong demand, there is no haze such as short tour around the holidays are the norm, such as the annual May Day, in the rest, not so. Of course, haze moment, change the environment of leisure to relax, and breathe clean air for a few days, many city people, is your heart's desire, so, "from Beijing to avoid haze carrying the social widespread environmental anxiety.
In fact, far more than holiday travel, in a number of severe haze in the city, many people's daily lives are inseparable from the topic of haze, complaints, Tucao, ridicule abound, flooding the network and the media. Under such a context, "from Beijing interpretation to avoid haze more unbearable, after fleeing fast, but also on the ecological environment of the emotional expression of anxiety.
"From Beijing to avoid haze magnified the city ecological environment problem from an offbeat perspective, can only meet the demands of short-term escape, the survival of the city like an invisible rope, tied up the majority of the public, not to say that you can escape completely away from the. There is no doubt that "left Beijing to avoid haze also carrying the residents' strong desire to control air pollution in the city, to remind the government increase the haze governance investment, improve the governance measures, the city's air quality will be gradually improved to become simple and natural to breathe clean air demand.
Of course, the haze of governance, improve the city air quality is not going to happen overnight, haze is the result of long-term accumulation of pollutants, as the human disease, cure cycle need to waste. This also means that how to alleviate social anxiety, and continued to effectively control haze pollution, with equal importance. There is no doubt that this requires the public to effectively participate in the governance of ecological environment, the full enjoyment of participation in the governance of the discourse right and the right of supervision, strengthen the government's eco-environment governance transparency, with the credibility to disperse the haze lingering in the public mind".